Temporary indulgence

I was smoking with a colleague almost 10 months back. I commented that cigarettes are your best friends, they are with you all the time. He quipped up ”More like prostitutes…you pay…and get some enjoyment in return.” That made me think a little…

Then I later on heard something similar. “Are you going to give me the money I need?”…well that would reasonably depend on the reason and if the money were available. It seems though, that this demand for money is eating all humanity within us.

Let’s imagine for a second…a kind of a hairy situation. A simple, everyday one. Your boss wants you to submit some report on a day you have a test (study + work…somebody has to pay the bills). Let’s say you have a week to do it. You think you have the whole week. So you draft up a report and send it off thinking it’s all good, your think is soon a wish as your boss tells you to make a slew of changes. This happens for the whole week inspite of you requesting some leeway from your boss and you get very little time to study. Admit it, you are absolutely infuriated. “A little consideration would’ve made all the difference,” you think. The beautiful part? The report would not be needed at all for a few more days after your boss demanded submission. Some of you are thinking he’s a jerk, for those who are, let me ask you, would you have taken up some of the workload so that your worker could take a breather? You’re the same kind of jerk if you don’t. Those of you who think, he’s absolutely right, let me point out to you that these situations are never sought or chosen. They come about in myriad forms and types but all fall under the same category – unfortunate situations.

Belittling I feel, that is a different topic though. Coming back to the point I was trying to make. How does one tackle these situations? Simple, with understanding and patience. All of us have yet to become any less understanding than before, if anything, we know and understand a great deal more (if you’re reading this, you definitely know more), the catch is we have much less patience than before. Aye, there’s the rub.

This lack of patience is the root of all problems it seems. Most, atleast. Solution? I have none, I will look out for any and try and be patient in the meantime.

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