I went out for dinner with my recently married friend. He was railing (controllably, mind it) against graduates who come out expecting a fat salary off the bat and take on huge debts to finance their grand lifestyles. He said that good things will come, a step at a time and expecting all of them simply serves to make one…less satisfied…so running after happiness leads to less happiness. Wait…what?

Everyone here says you have to reach for the good things. My questions, “What? Which ones? How much?” So you spend all your time trying to reach for the “good things” without stopping to actually think of the price you pay for getting and keeping them. It’s like buying an Android phone just because everyone around you has one. WTF? That is one of the most awesomely retarded things I can think of. You want a feature phone? Go get one…there are plenty…and they are cheaper. A phone is only as smart as the user. A phone makes a user smarter? I thought we were the intelligent ones…not the phones…or anything else. Extending this train of thought, if objects only possess the qualities as much as their user does, is a better dressed tramp any better than one who shows up in torn clothes? According to the attitude of many here, yes… I could go on and drag out more examples but every example will result in my “mind=blown!” so I had not go on. But question, a piece of shit packed in the nicest box with the nicest string will still be a piece of shit, isn’t it? So why are people here so worried about the box and not the piece of shit? Mind=blown?

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  1. fa fa

    i just bought an android phone


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