Hmm…been doing some thinking. Need to follow up with docs soon but I am not getting the time needed. More appropriately, not getting the resources needed. So now I have to arrange them. That leads me to doing what I hate doing but am good at doing (and it is nothing bad or wrong).

In the office right now, whiling away the time, waiting for when I can go home. Atleast I know I will go home, unlike some other situations where one has nothing but blind faith and tries their best to move forward. Some say patience is the key here, that covers only a bit of the story. One needs as much, if not more, help from those around, an uncanny ability to realise truths that are not readily apparent and a most stubborn will to go through with what one has planned.

I can do nothing but wait for the next development and hope it will be for good…lest I fall apart…and THAT…is my only fear.


  1. fa fa

    you are not allowed to fall apart
    me kick waris ass hard. very hard.

    1. Ahmed Waris Ahmed Waris

      atleast we will get to chill together even if we meet for that…so looking forward to it


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