I’m up!!!!

…and wonders never cease!!! Fell asleep at 12am woke up at 5:30am!!! That’s five and half hours only!!! Far from the ten I was needing a few months ago. Since I am en route to and almost at the end of hitting my target of three every twenty four hours, I can now begin to think about the next aspect of my recovery. Not sure what it will be but I better come up with something that will cover as broad a base possible.

In other news, I still am not rid of all the negativity in me though I try to keep them at bay as they have a direct influence on my recovery (distracted while crossing the road? you’re dead!!!) So yes, I am working on getting back my focus as well, only problem is, the uncertainty regarding the whole thing. I can only hope and pray that I come through it with my sanity intact.

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