I’m baaaaaaaaack!!!

I’m finally putting something up in my blog after a loooong time. Would’ve put it in earlier, but a little accident and a two-month recovery meant I was out of it.

Apparently a bus hit the CNG-autorickshaw I was in at an intersection while the CNG-autorickshaw  went across and the bus went from one side to another (the collision was on the left side of the CNG-autorickshaw). The collision left me with a broken left collarbone and a few broken ribs on the left side, a brain injury and the CNG-autorickshaw on the pavement. Some angel found me and took me to the hospital, where I was put on an IV drip (emergencies are treated this way)! Luckily for me, the angel went through my wallet, found my student card and called the university. The university called my paternal uncle who then arranged to put me in a better hospital (Square).

The brain injury was the worst. Made me a wreck. It was a small blood clot in my mid-brain and that meant my movement, muscle control and memory were affected. But the doctors were better. They identified the problem correctly and suggested the correct treatment. That too in a country where anyone with a little amount of money goes abroad for treatment and gets better treatment. There was also fluid under high pressure in my head and behind my eyes. Didn’t really harm me but turned my retina so my left eye forms images 30 degrees rotated. Result – I see double.  I have to concentrate if the double vision isn’t to get in my way. Right hand is the same. I have to concentrate if I want to stop it from quivering and it quivers quite badly when I try to hold it still or make fine movements.

Nothing will get in my way though, according to the doctors and my therapist. It is all treatable. Will take awhile though. Six months for full recovery, hasn’t been six yet. I’ll try to become normal till then.

I don’t remember a thing but everyone filled me in. Apparently I was quite the character in hospital. They put restrainers on me as I kept removing the feeding tubes they planted in my nose. I apparently talked normally and replied to whoever was addressing me. I recognised people (who I knew) and also didn’t talk to strangers. I caught the neck of one guy who, supposedly,  was my uncle!  I scolded my maternal aunt as well when she was going to move when I moved. I walked and moved randomly at random times, meaning everyone got little sleep.

My relatives all came to visit me and help me get better. But my friend Noman was really there. He would come visit everyday, helped me learn to walk and I don’t know how much more. Everyone I know knows him now 😛 What can I say about him? He was there in a way I couldn’t imagine and I can never return the favour. So I won’t try 😛 Kidding.

I walk, move and do everything, although under supervision. That’ll probably be there for awhile and I understand why. I’m weakened, not seeing normally and my balance is off. Helluva combination for trouble.

But I’m going to get through this. It is the worst I’ve faced but lesser people have been through more and recovered. To me, this is just another problem to overcome.

What’s life without a little shit eh?

Update (14th Feb 2016): I see double even now. My friend has taken his favour back from me.

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