F*ck this, that and all those…on Facebook

I have been watching with great interest the group “Fuck Islam” for awhile now. FaceBook seems to have no interest whatsoever in shutting down a group that deliberately seeks to insult a large portion of FaceBook users, instigate hate and spread misinformation using their systems, probably all in the name of ‘free speech’. I’d love to see FaceBook keep a group that discusses the Holocaust. Oh wait, THAT apparently cannot be discussed. Heck, I’m ready to bet that keeping a group with the title “Fuck Jews” will see FaceBook falling over themselves to shut down that group amid shrill cries of “Anti-semite,” and all those sticker-tags that come with making a point that a certain section of the world does not like. Speaking of semitic and semite, apparently the definition has changed to include people who even ‘speak’ a Semitic language, that is the equivalent of saying that an European speaking Bengali is of Bengali ethnicity, ridiculous. I speak a little Arabic, I am part Semite too.
The amazing thing is, everyone sits there and swallows all of this garbage without a single question. No one asks why is the group “Fuck Islam” an acceptable entity, but “Fuck Judaism” or “Fuck Jews” is unacceptable. There must be something fundamentally wrong with any society that finds it acceptable to demonise and maltreat a section of itself based on race, colour, religion, sexual preference, gender or anything. Nazi Germany was a society with a problem, everyone seems to agree on that. They made it acceptable to treat a section of people with contempt based on their religious beliefs. I wonder if there is any difference between that society and the online community we are allowing to set up, where it is acceptable to treat a section of people with hate and contempt based on their religious beliefs. Now if everyone would stop gaping at my usage of the N-word to describe the situation and actually observe the situation, perhaps everyone would come to the conclusion that, we are behaving in an unacceptable manner and that we should take steps to rectify the problem instead of allowing it to fester and create further trouble.

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