The Wolf who Cries “Wolf!!!”!!!

The politico-circus gets ever more amusing everytime one of the women opens their mouth to mouth-off. Khaleda Zia has been, thankfully, rather quiet, considering that her son is in jail over extortion cases, not to mention tonnes of other paperwork being prepared to be thrown his way. The other one however, seems to be having a little trouble now that she is in the “Land-of-the-free”. Sheikh Hasina (it should be ‘Sheikha’, the feminine for ‘Sheikh’ >.<) is in the States for some medical treatment of someone. She recently took a swipe at the Election Commission, calling it “undemocratic and unconstitutional.” She may be right, but she is greatly responsible for creating the current situation with her destructive street politics.
As I write this one, big news breaks. An extortion case has been filed against Sheikh Hasina. The point making this even bigger is that the ex-PM is currently out of the country, should she decide to come home, she will most likely be put behind bars first thing. Then again, no use pissing off the rabid AL supporters, we have seen what they are capable of doing, and undoing.
It is true that no one has been able to conclusively draw any evidence linking the AL leader to any conspiratorial criminal activity, but it should be pointed out that leaders are responsible for the actions of their subordinates. Don’t argue that the leader is not always aware of the subordinates’ actions, if there were anything called “responsible leadership” in either of those women, some of all of those within their party ranks being arrested now for corruption and what-not would have been behind bars long back, with the keys thrown away. That not being the case, they instead worked to cover up the misdeeds and crimes of those in their parties, no matter how high-up or how low-down they are in the party ranks.
Sheikh Hasina has decided not to come back to Bdesh after all, apparently with good reason, while Khaleda Zia finds herself in hot waters as her party goes through a leadership change. It should have happened a long time back, but I suppose ‘better late than never’ applies very aptly here.

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