Anti-corruption = bad business

Business leaders set to review emergency fallout
March 10 ( – Business leaders will sit together in two to
three days to review the fallout of emergency on the economy.”The
meeting will review the impact of the present political situation on
the economy,” former BGMEA president Annisul Huq told

comment came shortly before the business leaders sat at Huq’s Banani
home Saturday night to discuss the “present situation”.

president Mir Nasir Hossain, ICC,B president Mahbubur Rahman, BGMEA
president Anwar-ul-Alam Chowdhury Parvez and BKMEA president Fazlul
Hoque joined the “informal” meeting.

“That was an informal meeting. I invited them (businessmen) to a tea party,” Huq told

Asked about the government’s drive against corruption, he said: “We welcome the move.”

“If a businessman is guilty, he should be punished.” hours

Right then, so our jolly old business leaders are going to sit down for tea…and discuss how bad the governments drive against corruption is going to be for the economy. I don’t know which deep end of the spectrum of preposterousness (this ain’t no word) I should put that in. The bulk of these people have, since independence, looted, robbed, cheated, bribed, induced, enticed the nation into hell and they actually say “guilty should be punished.” If you tell that not all of them are corrupt, allow me to ask, where were they when they had to register their businesses, pay their taxes and declare their wealth and income? It is not a case of “daal mein kuchh kaala” it is more a case of “kaale mein kuchh daal”. [Not a few bad apples, but a few good apples in the midst of bad ones.] Were the government so serious about going after corruption, the biggest conglomerates would’ve faced shut down and even NGO’s would not have been spared. [Open secret – NGO operations are more than a little bit questionable down here.]
…I hope that all the  posing as citizens of Bangladesh realise the anti-corruption drive will fail…unless they decide to NEVER cave in to the practices of corruption and the corrupt. Personally, I am very looking forward to the new political party in town, Nagorik Shakti, whoring out the country again, simply because I have lost belief that the people here can free themselves from the alluring sisters of corruption – nepotism and favouritism.

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