My cup runneth over…!

italy has won the world cup? they never deserved to win the cup…because i never supported them -.- funny how every team i supported quarterfinal onwards crashed out…too much of a coincidence? i think not. maybe i have the ‘touch’…maybe i should start giving my support to my enemies (no really!!! love your enemies…or something) and then watch em go down. i really wanted zidane to kick some ass in the finals…he more like headbutted a chest and got red-carded as a result. crap…im glad i was down with food poisoning to not watch all that happen. now i sit and await a midterm…which i absolutely did not study for (who the hell wants to learn ethics in this world?) and i still feel like crap. hmm…my cup truly overfloweth with unpleasantries.

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