I seem to have run out of anger. I can’t find anything to rant about these days. Sure there are the usual stuff to whine about, but what’s the point? Besides, I seem to be facing some sort of wall whenever I try to sit down and rant. I guess I’ll just rant about my current inability to rant…and then maybe I will get an idea.

I have been playing alot of Unreal Tournament lately, a game where you go around blowing up the other players. Great if you are in a totally foul mood and need to kill everyone on God’s good Earth. So yeah, I am alot less pissed off about things. Maybe that is why I rant alot less now. Add to that I was busy over the weekend with two exhausting but rather fun trips from the university…ah yes…life is quite alright here. I’m afraid this place is spoiling me rather well. The fresh air, the morning nuisances, the bad food and the good company…the perfect balance between sweet and sour lives.

it’s midterm week here. and everything is a total mess thanks to the continuous lineup of strikes and sieges the opposition parties have lined up in the capital. they call a strike over there and the students in savar get jacked…what remote areas in bangladesh do all those development fools talk about? the thing is…all the faculty are in dhaka…and calling a strike there means they cant make it here to savar…unless they want to risk a limb or two. with brazil getting out of the world cup and my spain living upto their fans’ expectations and tumbling out sooner than later…my world cup also seems to be almost over…but i watches it anyways.

and i should go study now…really…a few hundred pages of history all waiting to be mugged…in two days. yay!?!?

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