National Anthem – Song or Pride?

Every morning after breakfast, the students are made to sing the national anthem in many countries throughout the world. In my school going years, everyday was begun in the name of God and after singing the national anthem of…not my country! However, I don’t remember feeling uncomfortable singing the national anthem of another country. I can still recall every word and write it all down even though five years have passed since I last brought forth those words from my lips. Mind you, this is the national anthem of a FOREIGN country. I don’t know the words of the national anthem of my country yet, unpatriotic traitor that I am. I thought about it and realised I am not the only one who doesn’t know the words, there are LOTS more who have had the exposure but did not bother to remember the words. How do you make people remember the words then? The way people remember and are reintroduce to old songs, REMIX! Every one of my friends who were there got ready to hang me, one even was out to make me a traitor all because I said, “That moldy song is gonna be dust sooner than later at this rate.” All of them said the same thing, “A national anthem is something sacred. It is sacrilegious to think of defiling the song by doing anything to it. Don’t you love your country and the flag and the song? bla bla bla…”
One question. If you all love your country so bloody much, then why the F*** is it a stinking shithole? I’ll answer that one, we pay too much lip service and never bother to do what is necessary to set things straight. What the hell were the fools of 1971 thinking when they ran out to fight for ‘freedom’? Freedom to do what? Loot and pillage at will? Damn, you can do that without giving birth to a new problem, especially one named Bangladesh. One person started telling me about how there were no alternatives to BNP and AL…shut up. Just say you lot don’t have the balls to come up with or be the alternative.
We seem to be stuck at blaming everyone and everything around us for our problems and not taking a step to correcting any of it. The steps to be taken require a great sacrifice in terms of time, effort and even our dreams. That probably explains why no one wants to do anything about this mess, everyone would rather someone else did all of the sacrificing and that they will live their life to the fullest. Applying simple game theory, the Nash equilibrium turns out to be that no one does anything except chase after money so they can get out of here – which happens to be everyone’s dream. Pathetic state of affairs.

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