Where from here?

So I was asked a very simple question, “What is it that you want to do? What is your aim in life?” No one ever put it that bluntly to me before, so I’d never replied so bluntly either, “Nothing.” Now I seriously wonder, “What is wrong with me?” Aimless, wanderer and so many other tags come with that simple answer, but I am left with this feeling that if I went out and tried to tell someone what it is I truly wanted, there is no one who could understand. Either that or I’m wrong, dead wrong. Maybe I’m the nutcase here. I mean, EVERYONE ELSE cannot be incorrect at the same time right?
Not that it really changes anything for me. That still remains my dream, regardless of what happens. I will not give it up regardless of what I have to let go for it.

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    Ahem…I should definitely hear it then, and try to make sense…trust me..I have an ability to transform nonsense into meaning!


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