Another dream?

Head’s going insane I guess. Recalling too many dreams I see now. But this was a good one. One that brought some quiet into me, inspite of the raging insanity which slowly ate away at me.
I sat and talked, someone was beside me, I could hear laughter as I talked on and on. I wonder now if that person was perhaps getting bored and not saying anything simply out of courtesy; I never was good at talking. Nothing was being discussed, it was just me and my own inanities let loose there. Somehow, in its own way, it was liberating. Just being able to talk about anything, in any way I wished. I turned to see the face of the one I was bringing laughter to and the needles on the face read 8am. Why’d I have to wake up then? A little sarcastic smile flitted across my lips, it was time to go to class.
Sometimes I wonder, if not for these little moments of quiet that I am blessed with, I truly would have lost myself to that which never mattered in the first place.

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