Why Bangladesh should not win…

…alternatively, the title could be, “Why Bangladesh should not be”.

This doesn’t have much to with how much I like or dislike this place, it does have everything to do with what the people who inhabit this place are.

8th December, 2012, the Bangladesh cricket team records a nail-biting victory against a West Indies team that makes very good opposition. Because of the nature of the win, cricket fans celebrated, loudly. The same day that the match was being played, I had office from 12pm – 12am, we finished quite early and got out ~10pm. After seeing that Bangladesh had earned the victory (and seeing the drama en route to victory) we set off for home using transportation provided by my office. All was fine till we got to the area called Dhanmondi.

The first signs of trouble showed up right on the main road that links two sides of Dhaka, Mirpur Road. It seemed like a riot was underway, if you listened hard enough, you probably would’ve made out it was a celebration and not a riot. So we took a detour. In the inside roads, everything was silent. There one passenger got off, the rest of us proceeded onto Satmasjid Road, running parallel to and a little South of Mirpur Road. Right after we turn onto the road, we see another “celebration”. A tyre was actually burning in the middle of another crowd. The car took another U-turn and headed the opposite way dropping off another passenger on the way. A little way down the road, the car met a crowd of “revellers”. Having to drive through them, the driver stopped and signalled them to be let through. Everyone stopped and cleared a way. Then when the car was right in the middle of the crowd, a bunch of kicks and hits landed on the chassis, accompanied by what sounded like lusty cheering.

The damage to the car was none, other than dust marks where the hits landed. But that is a moot point.

The question one should ask themselves is: What kind of people make their celebration someone else’s suffering? It is this kind who permeate society here, and it is this kind who hold this nation hostage, who are also being allowed to hold hostage, the progress of this nation.


  1. mjabz mjabz

    I never understood the concept behind damaging public property as a way of celebrating. It just does not make sense to me.


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