“That’s not cricket mate!”

>Been watching the ICC World Cup lately? No? You missed some entertaining moments there buddy. Undoubtedly the most entertaining had to be the same day double shocker of Ireland whipping Pakistan and Bangladesh showing India who were the tigers and who were the pussies.
SETMAX (the Cup’s official telecasters for the Indian subcontinent) has a pre-, post- and break time match analysis. Analysis, mind you, not an “Ooh! Aah! India! Aaya India!!! We-will-take-the-cup-home” fanclub. Quite expectedly though, those presenters were as unprofessional as unprofessional-ism can get. The female analyst (Does she even get the game?) sat there the whole time appearing to be severely constipated, while the guy beside her was trying his best to show, statistically, that India would win. Australia did it, he claimed. Well, my sweet chumpkins, India is not Australia and they sure as hell aren’t about to be anywhere there in ages. SETMAX even pulled off two other analysts, ex-Aussie players, obviously because they were afraid those two would tell it like it was: India sucked cock on the field there. Trashy analysis with comments like, “…they (the lower order Indian batsmen) can take the day off…since Bangladesh can’t hope to take that many wickets…” and putting the whole thing in a setting of poor-minnow-getting-crushed-by-World-Cup-favourite. Uh…favourites??? India??? For the World Cup??? They’d be lucky to take home the consolation gift for the most talented losers in the tournament. Meanwhile…
This side of the border…everyone began to celebrate a great victory. Very good…but we have much more left to do. Save some celebration for then. Bangladesh play Sri Lanka today…they might lose…but as long as they lose with their pride intact, I’m happy.

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