Jisatsu Circle

soooo…i have two suicidal friends here you see. i dont think they are all that serious. but even then…it can get quite serious…at times it gets quite funny. i dont know what to do really. never dealt with suicidal ones before…particularly a suicidal intellectual (very hard to persuade). and i dont count here…dealing with your own problems is a different dish compared to dealing with others problems…even if they are of the same nature. oh…i forget to mention the reason for being suicidal…one got the dump totally…the other is on a rather rocky relationship.

wakaranai…why would anyone commit suicide? jai hok…now that they want to do so, i figure…let’s help. so i officially start calling for applications for a bd’s first jisatsu circle (read this for an idea http://www.mandiapple.com/snowblood/suicidecircle.htm). initial projections for membership are very good. in a country so in love with the concept of falling in love (these people are almost desperate at time!!!!) and very emotional to boot…well…there should be alot of applicants.

so why am i doing this? well…to put it in my brother’s sarcasm “talk to them about cockroaches…and compare their lives to it.” the decision to start you life wasn’t…the decision to end it isn’t yours either my friend. besides…having too many suicidal types isn’t good for the national and social psyche.

all in all…a win-win situation eh?

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